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The roots of Anju Jewelry began in 1993 when India natives Anju & Gaurav Agarwal decided to invest in their future and move to America. While Gaurav spent his days working on his PH.D., Anju began designing and making jewelry to sell at local craft fairs. As her jewelry sales started to take off, Gaurav decided to quit his job and focus all of his attention on growing Anju's jewelry business. Business continued to grow and on a trip back home to India, they met a talented, but struggling group of artisans that could not keep consistent work. It was then, that Anju and Gaurav decided to partner with this artisan group and move manufacturing to India where they knew they could provide them with consistent work. We are happy to confirm that more than 9 years later, we are still working with this very same artisan group and over the years the quality of life for these workers has improved significantly.
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Omala Collection Bracelet Omala Collection Bracelet

Omala Collection Bracelet

Our Price: $23.00
Handcrafted Aasha Necklace Handcrafted Aasha Necklace


Our Price: $28.00
Anju Necklace Anju Necklace

Anju Necklace

Our Price: $45.00