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Mariana "Chloe" Round Drop Earrings from the Blizzard Collection with Jet and Crystals and Shell set in Rhodium Plating Mariana Earrings with Sun Kissed Sunshine Crystals and Rhodium Plated Mariana "Chloe" Round Drop Earrings from  On A Clear Day Collection with White Opal and Clear Crystals Rhodium Plated
MAR-E-1190-M87280-RO6 MAR-E-1010-141231-RO6 MAR-E-1190-001-RO6
Extra Luxurious Dahlia Leverback Earrings in Enchanted Guardian Angel Pendant Necklace in Kentucky Colors with Rhodium Plating Mariana Guardian Earrings with Rosewater, Clear AB, and White Opal Crystals and Rhodium Plating
Open Circle Filigree Earrings with Teardrop and Yellow Gold Plating MAR-N-5212-206001-RO
Mariana Guardian Earrings from On a Clear Day Collection with Clear Crystals and Rhodium Plated Guardian Angel August/Peridot Pendant with Silver Plating Mariana Guardian Angel Pendant Necklace with December crystals and Rhodium Plated.
Mariana Guardian Angel Pendant Necklace with Aquamarine Crystals and Rhodium Plated. Guardian Angel Pendant in "Addicted To Love" Rhodium Plating Ocean Sun Tennis Bracelet with Rhodium Plating
MAR-N-5212-202202-RO MAR-N-5212-1162-RO mar-4252-146-1-RO
Mariana "Bette" 8" Sweet Pea Tennis Bracelet with Rhodium Plated Mariana "Bette" 8" Crystal Tennis Bracelet Horizon of Hope in rhodium Everyday Bracelet in "Pretty Woman"
MAR-B-4252S01-M1913-RO MAR-B-4252S-223-1-RO Mar-b-4252-1161-RO
Everyday Bracelet in "Ice Queen" Everyday Bracelet in Fairytale - Rhodium Plating Mariana "Bette" 8" On A Clear Day Collections Tennis Bracelet Rhodium Plated
Mar-b-4252S01-M1154-RO Mar-b-4252-1157-RO MAR-B-4252-001-RO
Mariana "Bette" 8" Banana Split Collections Tennis Bracelet Rhodium Plated Petite Rosette Bracelet in Peace Chain Link Guardian Angel Bracelet in Sapphire Blue and Clear
MAR-B-4252-001001-RO MAR-B-4008-1125-RO MAR-B-4214-4206001-RO
Large Round Bracelet in Gray Opal Large Everyday Round Bracelet "Checkerboard Clear" Rhodium Plating Large Everyday Quartz Bracelet Butter Pecan
MAR-B-4445-1-051051-RO MAR-B-4474R-001001-RO B-4474R-M1155-RO
Large Everyday Crystal Bracelet Clear and White Opal Mariana Statement Bracelet from the Lavender Collection with Rhodium Plated Mariana "Bette" 8" Enchanted Tennis Necklace with Rhodium Plating
B-4474R-234001-RO MAR-B-4045/1-1910-RO MAR-N-3252S02-M1156-RO
Lovable Bracelet in "Serenity" Double Marquise Row Bracelet in "Serenity"